Koh Sirey – An island of hidden gems

Koh Sirey – An island of hidden gems 1

Located a few kilometers east of Phuket Town is a quiet headland named Koh Sirey (Sirey Island). This little unique getaway, only 20 square kilometers in size, is connected to Phuket by a short bridge which crosses a channel, as you cross the bridge you will see a large number of fishing boats in the port to the right.

Koh Sirey is still pretty much free from construction compared to Phuket and driving around its simple coastal road takes about half an hour, and gives you the feeling you are traveling back in time to a place thousands of kilometers away from the main tourist areas of Phuket.

Koh Sirey – An island of hidden gems 2

What I love about Koh Sirey is that there a number of places to visit, usually tourist free, which can take up a good part of the day to take in.

After you cross the bridge onto Koh Sirey, continue for about another 500 meters and you’ll arrive at the first sight seeing opportunity, the monkey view point. Many locals visit the wild macaque monkeys who live in the mangrove forest and there are a small number of street vendors selling peanuts, bananas and corn which you can throw food to the monkeys from a specially created feeding area complete with monkey carvings.


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