New Property Tax Law in Thailand 1

New Property Tax Law in Thailand

After numerous attempts over the years to reshape the way property tax is imposed in Thailand, new property tax legislation has finally entered into law in Thailand. The new law replaces the current House and Land Tax Act and the Local Development Tax Act and aims to encourage the productive use of land and improve tax collections. Taxes will commence to be collected under the new law from 1 January...

Thailand’s high-speed railway will carry first passengers in 2023 2

Thailand’s high-speed railway will carry first passengers in 2023

The first section of the 873 kilometre high-speed railway running between Thailand and China should be operating by 2023. Thailand will now pay for the total cost of the 179 billion baht first section of the high speed rail line, but China is providing the design and will provide the train and carriages. The first 252 kilometre leg, from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima, in the north east, is set to carry...

Minister calls for probe on legality of the new Central Village luxury mall at BKK 3

Minister calls for probe on legality of the new Central Village luxury mall at BKK

It’s bright and shiny, it’s new, it promises discounts on luxury goods, it’s next to the airport, it was set to open this Saturday, but is it legal? The Department of Provincial Administration Department has been asked to investigate the legality of the  new Central Village ‘Bangkok Outlet Experience’ next to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport. The development is located on the side of Highway...

LH to develop Terminal 21 malls in Pattaya, Phuket

SET-listed property developer Land and Houses Plc (LH) plans to spend 14 billion baht to build Terminal 21 shopping centres in Pattaya and Phuket. The investment value of the two shopping malls is estimated at 7 billion baht each, compared with the 3-billion-baht price tag of the first Terminal 21 in Bangkok, LH chairman Anant Asavabhokin said without giving a time frame for development. The new...

Japan backs Dawei, Thai high-speed train

Thailand and Japan agreed on Saturday to develop the Dawei special economic zone in Myanmar and two train lines in Thailand including a high-speed train linking Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The agreement was reached in talks between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on the sidelines of the seventh Japan-Mekong Summit meeting. Mr Abe had already pledged in the summit...

China, Thailand ink MOU for Kra Canal

GUANGZHAO: China and Thailand are reported to have inked a memorandum of understanding on the construction of a canal that would cut through peninsular Thailand, linking the South China Sea with the Andaman Sea. Once completed, the ‘Kra Canal’ would offer an alternative sea link between Asia with the Middle East and Europe, bypassing the Strait of Malacca, a key shipping lane for world trade. The...

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